Info - Waterland




Waterland is open all summer. Closing hours differ according to time period.

From 2 June – 14 June

10:00 – 18:00

From 15 June – 3 September

10:00 – 19:00

From 4 September

10:00 – 18:00


Buses & Taxi

The Waterland bus takes you to the park and back every day, FREE of charge. Bus routes everyday and Sundays. For more information contact us 2392072025

To Waterland

Starting point
Monastiriou 67 [Athens KTEL]
On the οpposite side of the Thessaloniki Railway Station


09:00 / 11:00 / 13:00

Bus stops

On Egnatia Ave.
on the opposite side of the Venizelos statue

Bus stop on Egnatia Ave.

Bus stop on K. Karamanli Ave.

Bus stop on K. Karamanli Ave.

Bus stop on K. Karamanli Ave.

On K. Karamanli Ave,
before the traffic light



Contact mobile:
(+30)6949 500 113

Prices for taxi journeys from Waterland to city centre and vice versa:

City enter (Aristotelous/Kamara)
Route cost: 22 euros
Opposite route: 27 euros

Route cost: 20 euros

KTEL (Bus Station)
Cost of the route: 25 euros
Opposite route: 33 euros

Return from Waterland



Up to 15 June


15 June – end of season

18:00 / 19:30




Waterland is located 15 minutes away from the city of Thessaloniki, just off the main highway to Chalkidiki. Easy access makes it even more fun to arrive.

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General rules of use
for swimming pools & waterslides

Visiting Waterland is a wonderful, unforgettable experience. The responsible use of the park facilities and the visitors’ compliance with the rules of use, ensures safe fun and carefree moments for everyone.


Slides and pools have height restrictions. Read the corresponding signage carefully before entering


Slides and pools have minimum age restrictions. Read the corresponding signage carefully before entering


Slides and pools have capacity restrictions. Read the corresponding signage carefully before entering


You must shower before using slides or entering the pool


Always wear a swimsuit


Lockers are available to rent for your convenience. Waterland is not liable for any loss or theft of personal objects


Change your clothes exclusively in the changing rooms


Children that are not potty-trained must wear a swim diaper. Check oftenly


All pools and slides are supervised by experienced lifeguards


Kids under the age of 12 must be supervised by their accompanying adult


Kids accompanied in the pools must be supervised


There are restrictions on the use of water slides and pools for pregnant women and people with health problems for their own safety


Do not slide with a child in your arms


No running


No running on stairs


No pushing


No diving


No diving under the attraction structures


No littering


Food and beverages can not be brought into the park


Riders must not wear jewelry or glasses nor carry cameras


No smoking around the pools


No pets are allowed

Use of waterslides & attractions

There is an allowed position for each attraction


Forbidden slide positions. Each attraction has specific position regulations. Always follow the lifeguard instructions

Park Regulations

Your safety is our main concern. Please read and comply with all the following safety rules.

Basic safety rules

  1. No running anywhere in the waterpark.
  2. No pushing and no diving is allowed.

Respect and follow any instructions given by lifeguards and staff.

Parents and guardians

Make sure your children have understood the rules BEFORE entering the park. The park facilities are supervised by a team of lifeguards, but the safety of your children is always your responsibility. Persons under the age of 12 should always be accompanied and supervised by their adult companion (EN 15288-2:2018, 7.2.3.). Double use of water slides with a child in the lap is prohibited.

Please tread carefully when entering/exiting the pools or water slides. You can wear the special shoes for the pools, but they may not be allowed in some water slides.

The park surface can be slippery when wet

Please walk carefully when entering or exiting the pools or water slides. You are advised to wear special shoes for the pools, although they may not be allowed on some water slides.

If you are not completely familiar with swimming

Please wear appropriate flotation devices and stay within close attentive supervision of a lifeguard or an experienced swimmer.

For your safety

  • The water slides have height restrictions as to their use. Be informed before joining them.
  • Double use of water slides with a child in the lap is prohibited.
  • Watches, cameras, cell phones, selfie sticks, jewellery, sunglasses, flip-flops, and hair accessories are NOT permitted when using the water slides or pools.
  • Wear appropriate swimwear (no metal buttons and zips).
  • Glass glasses, bottles and food containers are not allowed in the park.
  • Persons under the age of 12 should be supervised by their attendant (EN 15288-2:2018, 7.2.3.)
  • Pregnant women or people with underlying diseases should not use the water slides. Consult your doctor if in doubt.
  • Please do not enter the pools and water slides if you feel unwell or weak.


  • Lifeguards can be easily identified by their special uniform.
  • Lifeguards have the right to stop anyone who is under the influence of substances or may be a danger to others or themselves.
  • Park management has the right to remove anyone who does not comply with applicable park rules and/or lifeguard instructions.

Hygiene rules

  • The use of the shower before entering the pools and water slides is mandatory.
  • Diaper-age children should always wear waterproof diapers.
  • Please check the diaper regularly.
  • Please accompany your children to the restroom frequently during your stay in the park.

For your convenience

  • Sunbeds and umbrellas are provided free of charge and on a first-come, first-served basis if available. It is forbidden to transfer them to other parts of the park.
  • Please be careful with your personal belongings. Safety lockers are available for rent for your convenience. The park is not responsible for any loss of personal items.
  • Picnics and glass containers are prohibited inside the park. You can get water, drinks and food at the shops inside the park.

Park entry, tickets and refunds

  • The entrance ticket to the park includes unlimited use of the pool and water slides.
  • Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • No free admission, even for those who do not wish to use the water slides or pool.
  • Guests are not entitled to a refund once they enter the park premises, even when weather conditions force a temporary closure.
  • Management has the right to modify park prices, discounts, hours or dates of operation at any time even for reasons beyond the control of the business.
  • The park has mechanical and electrical components and therefore the company reserves the right to take the water slides out of service for maintenance.
  • It is noted that in the event that one or more water slides are out of order, all or part of the cost of the entrance ticket will not be refunded.
  • It is forbidden to enter the park with food and drinks.
  • Pets are not allowed.